It’s been a while since the last blog post, so this time I’m gonna make it extra special, I narrated the tutorial!

This blog post I’ll show you how the app works, which does need some explanation. I made this together with Rune de Groot, the other intern here at Gray Lake Studios. He did the most of the work, recording and editing it all, while we both wrote the script and I did the voice work.

Take a look! The videos are all pretty short. If you’re interested in the app, you can download it for iOS here and for Andriod here. If you’re not that interested, you can skip through most of it, don’t worry. I would like to tell you guys about why this app is used. The tutorials are all about how. How the buttons work, how the features work.

As I explained in “Appventures”, a pen & paper roleplaying game is played mostly with pen and paper. However, unlike the example video I showed there from the show Community, you do use a map with little figures on them. These are representations of the characters in game, and they are only used for when the players get into combat. This map or board has a grid on it, which helps players figure out how many squares they can move and how far away they want to throw a fireball.


We lost this fight.

This photo here is of my most recent play session and the first in a few years. Here you can clearly see a map, a simple piece of graph paper with some markings that show walls and such, with little plastic figures that represent us. Now this map is drawn poorly, but this is the way the most of these games are played.

This is where ProDnD steps in. It uses some awesome generators to create such maps and makes them look pretty good. You can print them as well, because in games like these, you need it to play on.


This is an example of a map. It’s made using the “Black Chasm” generator, developed by Rune. The idea is that this is a base or dungeon inside a cave or mountain with one huge chasm. The squares will make it easy to use and the colors gives the players something more interesting to look at.


Also, this is how a map like that gets generated, awesome right? Sadly, this is not what I have worked on the most during my intership, but I will talk about that in the next blog post! I’ll show you all of the concept and tests in styles I made. I’m already excited to show you!

BONUS: My new D&D character!



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