Sketching It Out For A Quick Game.

Alright, I’m back to show you some stuff I’ve been working on so far! For now, I’m gonna let you in on how I started working.

Since I am an intern, I started my internship a bit unsure of what I was getting in to. Drawing tile textures is something that most game artist dislike, but I don’t share that opinion. As a game artist, it is important that you are flexible and skilled in many ways. However, I had to know what they wanted first. Since the finished project will feature multiple different tile sets the user can choose to draw their map, we talked about styles. One style would be perfect to start off with: hand-drawn. Since Dungeons and Dragons is a “pen & paper” game, I did research on the styles that were used already, and I found a lot of interesting stuff. I was also advised to look at the tiling used in the “Berserk” manga, as some manga’s specialize in black and white, fast and effective drawings.


Then, to actually hand-draw tiles is quite hard, so I simply started off making little drawings of dungeons.


This is actually a “finished” sketch of a dungeon that I made after quite a bit of research!

This cross-etched style isn’t new, I didn’t invent it, but how it looked like was quite interesting.


It was actually a bit too busy to look at! I learned a lot about how tiles look when they are all placed next to each other. When you draw each tile separately, you don’t get an idea of how they will look together, so I had to use a different piece of software called Tiled. Tiled allowed me to upload a whole bunch of tiles and give them all characteristics. This way, I could actually paint with the tiles I made to get an idea of how things would turn out. I found that many tiles were way too detailed. Clarity and effectiveness of the design of the tiles was very important, so I had to re-do my tiles. And again. And again. I learned a lot from the feedback I received. Most of the time, this feedback came down to having too much detail. It is something many artists can struggle with. Detail is fun to draw and sometimes even interesting to look at, but most of the time it’s not needed. Even though the tiles are not implemented yet, I’m quite proud of what I made so far.

Final version for now. I also have a lot of bushes and trees, but since I place them differently and it takes effort, I didn't put them in.

Final version for now. I also have a lot of bushes and trees, but since I place them differently and it takes effort, I didn’t put them in.


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