Dive Into A Gray Lake

Hi all, it’s been another week for my internship, and this time I’d like to talk about how we work over here. It’s different and similar to all the projects I’ve worked on with classmates.

I am used to being divided up into groups, most of the time randomized from the different courses of Game Design & Development and Game Art. Every time the team had to get to know each other, learn each other’s talents and combine them to create something good. We had classes and meetings and we tried to work together in many different ways. It was hard because we were always busy with other things during the project as well.

Here at Gray Lake Studios, we start off every day with a scrum. We talk about what we did the day before and what we will do that day. It’s quite interesting to do this every day since we get a better idea of what everyone is up to. We can keep track of what’s developing and we’re able to help each other out since we know what we’re all working on. We make plans about the day and make sure we talk about the talks we’ll have about important decisions and such. I’m really one of the guys here, as my input is appreciated and used.

Smart Business Park, the lower one on the left is where the office is!

Smart Business Park, the lower one on the left is where the office is!

Once it’s lunch time we go next door and the food is amazing. So far we’ve had quite some luck with the weather, enjoying our lunch outside while discussing games, politics and other nerdy things.



After that we usually work through the rest of the day, crunching numbers, crafting styles and designing the important stuff. Most of the time I’m left alone to work on my tiles, but every once in a while Tunc helps me out with some advice and direction. I already made a lot of progress with this pen & paper style I’ve been working on. I’ll probably write some more about that next time. Thanks for reading folks!


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