Creature Art Bootcamp

Hi there guys!

The last couple of weeks I had a seminar or Creature Design at college. I have always been interested in creature design, drawing all sorts of fantasy creatures. I thought a seminar would learn me even more of what I wanted to know.

The first day we went to the zoo for inpiration. A lot of fun, because I love watching these big animals. Rhino’s, tapirs and hyena’s have to be my favourites. They have such distinguished features, don’t you think? Rhino’s have their thick grey skin and the lovely horn that protrudes above two eyes that look so innocent. Tapirs are just wacky pigs for the most part. They are also very round, in every way. Lastly, hyena’s are fun to draw because they are so much alike to dogs, but with a way broader and shorter build. Their heads are quite bear-like.
Visiting a zoo in the winter isn’t something I would recommend. Most animals are sleeping or bunched op together and many areas are quite desolate. In Diergaarde Blijdorp, the zoo we visited, they were working on new enclosures a lot so that everything was done before summer. Not that it’s cold right now, this is the warmest winter that I’ve ever had, I believe.


The rest of the seminar we were tought to think about our creatures as parts of a bigger whole, a total world that is like ours. I’ve always found this interesting aswell. Take a random fantasy world.
What are the rules? What is the history? Is there magic? Interstellar travel? Where would the creature live and find shelter? What would it eat and how would it breed and grow?

You can find my own creations on where I have a lot more added in the discriptions about the creative process. I really like working through stages of the creative process, beginning with some goal, brainstorming, thumbnailing, sketching, testing, trying, coloring and all that jazz. I love the process so much that I don’t focus enough on the final illustration. I wasn’t happy with how it turned out, even though the people from the seminar said it was pretty good.

In the end, I didn’t learn all that much about creature design itself. Most things that were taught were a given to me. Creature design was something I already taught myself a lot of. I guess I expected more, is that wrong?

Everything is green?


I guess I’ve learned something about the creative process, more than anything. We also had to do some material studies, which is something I had never thought of before. That way you can test some styles and textures before you apply it to the whole thing and try to make it work on the final thing. It’s really useful.

I’m still figuring out how to do anything on this worpdress thing, but I guess I have to update more regularly. Fantastical Fictional might become a series where I focus on something cool everytime. How about every week?


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