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Hi there readers, after a way too serious start, I’d like to talk about something sweet.

The internet.

The internet is just the greatest invention of the 20th century, and there are more and more ways to use it. The vast amount of knowledge and information from the people who are specialised in every subject in the world, from caligraphy to genetics is available to everyone with a connection. People connect and share experiences, share their lives and stories with one another. Still, the best thing on the internet must be the sheer amount of creativity that runs most of the internet. I’d like to share with you a few amazing sites/works of art that I love and recommend to anyone with even the slightest amount of interest. Since I want to share way too much, I’ll just keep it to a single subject every time.

Youtube – Pogo
Youtube is the biggest site on sharing videos. Many have been able to create channels that they receive enough money of to make a business of it. Google owns Youtube and encourages people to make videos of better quality, to become a rival to true television shows. I have seen many review channels, reviewing movies to beauty products, I’ve seen vlog channels, in which people talk about their daily lives and channels which simply show someone playing through a game and adding commentary. All of these channels make money, all of these channels are watched. Because there are so many, there is something for everyone.
The channel I’d like to recommend is Pogo, the channel by Nick Bertke, a a music producer, remix artist and film maker. Below is one of his first remixes that received overwelming amounts of views. He remixed bits and pieces of the movie “Alice In Wonderland” by Disney. He got into all sorts of legal trouble with his mixes of copyrighted material, but I think he’s doing fine right now. His music is just gorgeous. I’ve noticed that watching and listening to a mix of a movie I’ve seen, immediately brings back the feelings I had with that movie. Add a dreamstate and you’ve got something special going.

Youtube – 5 Second Film

The bad news is, they just quit the whole thing, the good news is, they uploaded a “movie” of 5 seconds every weekday for years! A group of friends used Youtube to test how short they could make a story. Now, most of the videos are goofy and strange, like a little joke, but some are kinda special. I like how people experiment with media, trying to go where no one has gone before, finding a way to create original content that no-one else dared to make.
Sadly, the idea is great, but the effort required to make so many different sketches and ideas with little income is very hard to do. I believe they kind of ran out of good ideas and it lost steam. But do watch some of it! Because they tried so much and experimented with just about everything, they were able to find brilliant ideas and jokes. You don’t have to wade through the bad ones, here’s a link with some of the best. It’ll wast your time, but not very much.

Zeker aanraders, ik post gauw nog weer eens wat.


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